When and what should I text this guy who just gave me his number?

so today at work... I work at a fitness center. well this guy started talking to me and we were flirting and he said he just graduated college and I am 18 so I'm not sure how old he is but he's like "well if you want to hang out sometime let me know" and I was like yeah that would be cool and he's like well I don't have my phone on me and so I gave him mine and he put his number in it. so I don't know when or what I sould text him.


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  • Lol I really don't like these things said down here. Really DONT call him. It's like being obsessive before you guys did something. And DONT wait for him to text as he hasn't got your number yet.. So you just casually text him. keep it short, funny (and mysterious if possible) and not boring like "hi, it's me from the gym"

    rather something like:

    "You know it's a bad habit to let a girl text you first right? ;) It makes her uncomforable..

    The girl you left your number to so she had to text first "

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      You see, this example is definitely humerous and mysterious. Also, with a text like this you show that you're not inferior. This is really important, even if he's older, you must show that you won't let him have you if he doesn't try hard enough.