How do I become more confident with dating and less anxious about being alone?

I'm a very nice person,attractive and a great catch.I smile,have a good time,and I carry myself with respect and dignity always. But for some reason,my self esteem is almost a zero when it comes down to dating. Guys don't really ask me out,or they just sort of jerk me around to see if they can sleep with me.I get so excited when a guy shows interest,but now I'm starting to feel like its more desperation than anything else...and its starting to make me feel awful.I'm not one of those girls who messages,a guy day and night...and honestly,I'm quite independent.

I'm sick of being dateless,or having to approach guys first.I've had to approach guys wayyyyy too many times.I've had to ask them out wayyyy too many times.Anyway,I'm not sure what to do anymore,and I feel like my self esteem is suffering for it. In the past 3 months,3 guys that I know,have proposed having a friends with benefits relationship.Not my style,I'm just trying to figure what I am doing wrong. :( I put myself on an online dating site,and that's even worse because something could seem promising,and then out of the blue,the guy stops talking to me. And yes.I do know how to have interesting conversation...what gives? :(


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  • I'd say look at guys and dating as an opportunity to enhance your life, but ultimately work on being happy by yourself. If you find someone that you really enjoy there's a good chance it will feel mutual as long as he's not Tom Brady and your plain Jane. Being alone will give you the motivation and opportunity to look for a good fit for you. So I'd say don't worry about feeling confident; concentrate on feeling happy. Eventually you will find someone you get along with in that way and it will be worth it.


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  • Maybe you haven't met a genuine decent man yet.