An extremely shy guy I used to date since October..

Texted me a week ago and his text were saying "hello, how are you?"

*Context He never kissed a girl before me when we firstly met, he was extremely awkward and I found it cute, He didn't know if he should stay close, hold my hand even for the kiss it was so funny OMG! funny but cute*

-Me: " You haven't texted me since October, I mean did you sent the message to the wrong person?"

-Him: No, I really wanted to text you

-Me: I was like whaat? I said: why the hell would you text me decades later out of no where? I thought you get over me and date other girls

-Him: No, I didn't get over you, it makes me desire you more "

My question is why if he likes me lets me without news and text me out of no where?

To me I think he dated other girls or get back to me because he is in lack of girls

What do you think?


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  • I doubt he has if he was a shy as you say. However he would be drawn to the only he has been close to. Why you broke it off migh thelp clear things up.


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