Do guys always have to text first?

I am dating this beautiful girl and the only way we talk if I text first... Do I really have to do this every time? I mean... I understand if a girl doesn't want to text she wouldn't text you... But this is all the time and we are dating... I have never seen her text me first out of consideration or interest... She has only text ed me twice since we have been dating.. Should I just stop trying... I really like her but it seems as she gives me no choice...


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  • See there is a rule that a lot of girls follow. And that is that you should let a guy text you first. They do it because they think you would see them as clingy or pushy if they texted you. Others just don't initiate because they never think to. Here's what I would do, I would tell her that you love talking to her and that she can text you whenever the whim strikes her. This lets her know its okay. I really wouldn't take her not texting first as disinterest because I doubt it is. If you really like her, ask yourself if this is a big enough issue to stop contacting her because what is going to happen is she is more than likely think you are no longer in to her and you guys will drift apart. As you guys get more comfortable with each other, this may change on its own. Best of luck.

    • That makes a lot of sense... Ill let her know :DD


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  • You don't HAVE to text her first. For me, I used to not want to text guys first, because I thought I would be annoying them, or they were busy. I figured that they would text me if they were interested. I don't feel like you should stop trying mainly because she won't text you first.

    • Thank you for the advice...

  • a lot of girls wait for the guy. she probably is one of those. just tell her casually " hey do I ever get to hear from you first too? it would be cool if you texted me first sometimes, it would be a nice distraction :P "

    it can even be in a text. if you say it nicely she should get the hint.

    we are always told not to chase guys too much. I know that I am hesitant to contact a guy too often. but if we have been involved for a while I am willing to text him too.

    • i text'd that a couple days ago.. and she told me she usually waits for the guy to text first... and I told her it was okay to text me... I then slipped a joke in to make it easy... I was like, "Girl, I'll drop bombs and soups just to see a text from you, I got all the time in the world for you."

    • well then maybe it;s tie to talk to her about it. tell her in a more serious way that you feel like it's a one sided effort. do it nicely. it sounds like you are a nice guy and if she isn't getting it she's stupid or a spoiled bitch.

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  • It's always the guy who really needs to text first. It's hard and uncomfortable but it's the plain fact.

    Some girls would text first, that's good, but most of them wouldn't dare.

    • what the hell are you talking about? most chicks text all the time. kinda annoying.

  • how many times do you see each other (and how many hours do you spend together) in a week?

    • i see her everyday, sometimes in the weekends we walk home together.. I always make her smile and keep the mood at its best... When we text It usually last till I fall asleep or her... She hasn't shown signs of getting annoyed... So I don't know... I don't want to be looked as persistent and clingy..

    • well you do look like that - at least to me. if you see her every day (and that's too much, btw), there's absolutely no need to text all the time - and that's what you obviously want.

      stop and wait for her to contact you. no texts no calls. wait for her. she'll call. give her a space.

    • The only reason we see each other is because we go to the same school X,X.. I'll stop tho thanks for letting me know!

  • Usually, its a stupid rule by girls

  • Girls just don't text guys first