Is it okay for a 19 year old guy to be dating 25 year old girl ?

Is there anything wrong with that, when we first met I didn't think it was anything serious so I told her I was 23, but I started to like her a lot and told her how old I really was, and she's OK with it, but I just want to know what's so unacceptable about it since it seems like all of our friends think we're insane -.-


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  • if she was 21 and you were 27 no one would really bat an eye. you are both legal adults and honestly it is fine, it's not even such a large age gap and in a few years it wouldn't mean anything. there is nothing wrong with it in my opinion. you may be a bit ahead of her in life but it isn't so drastic that it can't work out and in a few years it wouldn't even matter.i am 21 and I dated guys with a bigger age gap than 6 years since I was 20, my take away is that less than 7 years isn't a big deal.


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  • Guys usually date younger women all of the time and it is acceptable.

    I don't see what's so wrong about it being the other way around.

    Six years isn't way too big of a difference.

    Has you reach your twenties the gap will appear less.

  • People don't blink an eye when the man is the older one, but for some reason, they care when the woman is older. You're not crazy for feeling how you feel. You're both adults, so who cares what they think.


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