I overheard a "WTF is she dating that guy..." conversation directed toward me. What should I make of that?

It was a mixed set , 3 guys and 2 girls (and since it was mixed, it was a pretty "fair and balanced" discussion). The theme was "Why the eff is she with THAT guy...she can do way better...what's wrong with her, being with him...". It makes me think I'm wrong going for attractive women, like I'm... Show More

They obviously didn't know I was within earshot, but they were clearly disrespecting my girl, saying she had something wrong with her going for me (disrespecting me too).

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  • What should I make of that?

    That it's possible that your girlfriend is more attractive to you (likely the guys) and/or your girlfriend could get a partner who treats her better (likely the gals).

    So what should I do?

    Probably do what most guys would do in your scenario and aim to do- keep dating the most attractive gal they can get.

    " like I'm spitting in Darwin's face, taking the "fittest" women from the "fittest" guys. "

    Egh perhaps you have a skewed interpretation of Darwin as he likely he wasn't since you're a fit guy you get a fit gal rather he was the fittest survive as in those who go out and get what they want.

    "cause I'm tempted to lower my standards"

    LMFAO I highly doubt that