Is this an appropriate thing to send after a first date?

This guy and I met about 2 weeks ago, we met on a dating app. We started texting every single day non stop for the entire week. He asked to hang out and drove an hour out of his way to pick me up and then I showed him around the city near me. The date itself went well (at least from my point of... Show More

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  • "He answered with "Yeah I had fun too!" so I didn't respond because I took it as a blow off."

    I think his exclamation mark indicates enthusiasm, so I don't think he was blowing you off. He'd probably give you a one word answer if he was blowing you off like "yeah" or "thanks".

    You: "I had a great time!"

    Him: "yeah"


    You: "Have a safe drive home!"

    Him: "thanx"

    Moving on...

    Do yourself a favor and DON'T post that message that you are planning on posting.

    Do you want a relationship with this guy or not? From what you've posted, he seems like he's probably interested, but you're basically breaking up with him before a relationship has even begun. Don't do that!

    "It's been a few days and not having any communication on your part..."

    I didn't see anything in the first section where he wasn't communicating with you. The last thing you have him doing in the first section is messaging you with "Yeah I had fun too!" - to which YOU didn't respond (you say "so I didn't respond because I took it as a blow off"). So you don't respond to him, but then you're about go off on him for not communicating with you?

    (Even though it's a bad idea to send him your message, don't feel bad about wanting to do so. I'm the king of doing things that seemed right at the time, but then look back and think "what the f*ck was I thinking?!?!")