23 years old girl wants to get to know 32 years old man... but I'm afraid he thinks I'm too young?

I am 23 years old fresh college graduate, and I met a 32 year old man while waiting for a cab after a night out. He gave me his card, I texted him and then he added me on Facebook. Our last and only conversation through text messaging was two days ago, and he has not initiated action again after saying goodnight in the last text. I really want to get to know him, but he did mention that I "looked so young" and he feels old cause of our age difference. If he doesn't text me again in a week, what should I do?

PS: He obviously knows what I look like, since there are many pictures of me on Facebook... so if it's an issue of attraction?


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  • I don't know what you look like, but if a young and presumably attractive girl started flirting with me, I would not let myself get my hopes up. I would assume the situation is either that she is just being friendly and I'm interpreting everything sexually because I'm an old perv, or it is slightly possible that she is just practicing her flirting skills and/or messing with me for fun. The only other possibility that would cross my mind is that she wants something (besides anything sexual). But as long as it doesn't put me out too much, I would probably oblige.

    It's not that I'm remarkably unattractive or anything, but I am old. The idea that someone who can't have much in common with me would seek me out must be because of physical attraction, and it's hard for me to accept things that seem too good to be true. That could explain his hesitancy. But, some guys are also genuinely uncomfortable dating outside their age range. That's more likely.

    • thanks for the great response, if you don't mind me asking... how old are you?

    • 33. But I act like I'm still in my early 20's.


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  • i'm guessing your attracted to him because of resources, he has his life together?

  • times like this make my hate being born male because even when I reach my 30's I want to try my best to prevent myself from getting attracted to a woman who is that significantly younger than me

    • He texted me again tonight to hang out, but I was too chicken sh*t to go!

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  • You're not young too for him.

    Go for it. I would date men who are 30-36 (if he was handsome).

    And I'm younger than you.

    He's probably a bit more cautious since he doesn't know that you're interested and your stance on the age factor.