How can I get my girlfriend interested again?

My girlfriend and I have been together for a month. We were texting/calling/seeing each other a lot; I gave her a lot of attention. Communication has dropped off a bit. Last week she had told me she needed space. She is not being affectionate or making time to get together. She is in the process of a divorce and I know she wanted to slow down; but it seems that we are just friends at this point. She still calls me "Hun" and we are planning on spending vacation days together. However, last time I went to see her with flowers she did not kiss; hug me; or sit down to talk with me. On the phone we can still talk for 2.5 hours if she calls me and wants to. If I send her a touchy-feely text message she won't answer. I am confused. Does anyone have an idea what's going on or how I can get her interested again?


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  • Sounds like it was a little too much too soon all in one month or a couple weeks. Give her the space she needs, and it could help reignite her interest again. If you keep pestering she will likely lose interest altogether.


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  • This is a truamatic time for her, so don't pressure her with gifts, flowers, etc. And limit thephone calls a little! Going on for hours begins to be a problem for her since she no doubt has a lot to do right now.

    Give her some time to unwind while she is dealing with all the problems. She'll thank you for it...later!