How to know if it's okay to kiss a girl on the first date?

Okay, the girl I've been texting is a great person, and I care about her. We are planning on going on a date this weekend, and while we texted, the subject of a kiss came up. She said I will know if to kiss her on the cheek or lips, "It depends if the date was good or not. You will know which one to do. You will be able to tell by my facial expressions and body language."

Girls, is there certain body language and facial expressions you show to indicate that you want to be kissed? Is a big smile an indicator to go for the lips, and maybe if you turn your cheek then that indicates a kiss on the cheek?

Guys, what do you think?


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  • give her a kiss on the cheek at the end of the date, look her directly in the eyes and tell her you had fun. Then leave.

    You are going to want to kiss her on the lips but trust me it works so much better this way. I know from experience that when this happens it leaves much more to be desired and then you can watch the girl go nuts trying seduce you because she wanted that kiss and I left her hanging with more to be desired from me. I've had a girl I did that too ask me later why I didn't just kiss her on the lips that night and I asked her how much she thought about it the next day and she told me that she couldn't get me off her mind.


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  • I think, if a girl wants you to kiss her on her lips, she wil look in yours eyes ( fr a few secs) then stare at your lips,then look away. This is like a silent message her body sends to you, asking you to kiss her. Apart from that, also maybe if she s blushing a lot or is feeling very shy, that's also a gud sign. Towards d end of the date, if she takes time saying bye, like if she prolongs leaving you and keeps finding excuses to stay for a while, thers chances she s waiting for you to kis her goodnight.. But if she s a hurry or wants to leave asap then most likely she doesn't want you to kiss her... In cases where you are confused a kiss upon the cheek is good. If you still are not sure, a looong kiss on her cheek right next to lips is good. If she wants more, she wil turn her face or will herself kiss you. But all this is how id react.. So..


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  • Just kiss her whenever you feel like it. There's nothing wrong with that.

    As long as the date went well for you both, I think she will yield for just that act.