Can't figure out if I should give up?

Please no hate in this. It's just I haven't been on a date in over 15 months. This is the longest dry spell I have had with no relief. I have given up on dating sites. All my friends know no one to set me up with, and I work too much to meet people conventionally. Also I refuse to go to a bar and get a barfly. At this age I'm just tired of looking and trying for some fairty tale of love. And I'm not picky I just happen to live where a lot of redneck types are and all I ask is that you can carry a semi intelligent convo, have most of your teeth, not be older than 45, and good hygiene (and able to dress yourself no belly hanging out or mustard stains on your shirts).


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  • I wouldn't give up, but maybe you should start travelling out of town a bit. you may find better guys outside of your immediate area. I think your standards are more than fair, and you deserve that kind of guy in your life

    • To do that I would have to travel up north. Most guys are like that in the south.

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  • lol, a wine bar, pop in for one glass a wine after work each day, your soon find wondering eyes at you, and guys who use wine bars usually match your description lol,x

    • I have no idea what a wine bar is. I am obviously not in a very societal area.

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  • Guys are everywhere, they're on the street, on the bus and trains, in coffeeshops and libraries. Next time you see a cute guy, why not give him a smile and strike up a conversation?

    The best relationships often start with people meeting by chance.

  • Join you'll find someone there for sure. Just be careful, lots of creeps on the internet.