Getting to know each other or just no chemistry?

went on a date and there didn't seem to be much of chemistry. it was never awkward and she seemed to talk and laugh alot. some of her stories even seemed like she was trying to impress me but I don't know. anyone ever have dates like this an have it actually go anywhere?


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  • Yup. I met up with a guy I'd been talking to over the phone for a date, and left feeling pretty non-plussed. He was texting me excitedly the morning after, already making suggestions for the second date. I didn't want to lead him on or get his hopes up, but I did want to get a better idea of who this guy was as a person, since we'd got along so well over the phone and online. It wasn't until the third or fourth time we hung out that I started to feel a connection there. Fast forward six months and I've never been happier.

    That isn't to say you should continue going on dates with this girl if you know you're not interested. But if you're not sure, or you're just hesitating because you didn't feel like there was a "spark," maybe let her know where you're at and go on a few more dates to feel things out. At the very least, you may make a new friend. Or you could find love.


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  • Yes, I had them a lot.

    When a girl's "trying to win me", things always go to her favor. That's not bad.