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Are guys that are not really into big boobs like to date gals with big boobs?

If you're an ass or leg guy are big boobs a turn off? Would you prefer a girl you date to cover up maybe a little more, or you would sneak a peak if... Show More

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  • I prefer smaller ones myself, but I like big boobs too. It's definitely not a deal breaker. However, if she did have them, I would prefer her to not be wearing low cut tops all of the time. That would be the deal breaker.

  • i like all aspects of a woman , I don't discriminate.

    i prefer medium size boobs, but big boobs aren't a liability either. as long as they aren't like 2 balloons. like E or F-sized

    a girl doesn't have to cover them up, but they shouldn't be the focal point of the interaction.

    if she bent over, I'd honestly take a quick peek for a second. it's natural instinct. but I wouldn't stare or ogle.

    if a girl is constantly obsessed with showing her boobs and putting them in my face, I might get a boner, but I'd totally think she's too desperate.

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