What is your opinion on online dating?

What is your opinion on online dating? I tried it once out of curiosity... and extreme boredom. I actually met a guy in person after months of talking, but I broke off contact because if anything ever happened between us, explaining our meeting to my family and friends, or anyone for that matter, would be far too embarrassing. Would you try it? Have you tried it?


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  • I've tried online dating because for some unknown reason, I decided to go to a small tiny college out in the middle of nowhere and I was sick of being asked out by guys I didn't like!

    I didn't really like it at first (95% of the msgs I got were pathetic). I did talk to two guys once though, but each turned out to be manwhores. -___-

    After having a profile up for almost 8 months, I decided that it wasn't working. Believe it or not, the night that I logged on (after 3 months of inactivity) to delete my account, I read a message that brought a smile to my face from this one guy. I gave in and messaged him back, 2 days later we went ice-skating, and now we've been dating for almost 2 months!

    He asked me to be his girlfriend last week :D We'll see how things go but so far, everything has been working out great ***KNOCK ON WOOD*** LOL

    PS: Why are you embarrassed about telling people how you met? Nothing lame with it. It's the 21st century for crying out loud! Haha. If you really wanted to ,you could tell everyone how you met was your first date. Technically, that wouldn't be lying exactly ;P

    • I'm in the same situation! I go to a small college& I get asked out by guys I don't like too! I think online dating is good, because I can filter the guys I interact with.

      Your experience sounds great. I hope that can happen to me. I just reactivated my profile on a dating site. I joined it out of boredom like I said, but now I want to give it a real try.

      I would be afraid to tell friends and family, because I think it would still be kind of taboo to them? I'll go with your first date idea.

    • Believe it or not, A LOT of people are doing online dating in private. I too was afraid to tell anyone but I told my 2 best friends because when this guy asked me out, I wanted someone to know where I was just in case something went wrong. I was shocked when after my announcement, one of my friend's confessed that was trying out online dating too! So you see, you really shouldn't be embarrassed to tell those close to that you've decided to try another route to find love :)


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  • Yes. I think it's actually necessary. Many people like me are very shy, and how are we to meet girls otherwise?

  • You can meet anyone anywhere. Online dating if you have too...

  • i've only mainly used OkCupid and Plentyoffish, but I hate how when it comes to online dating, women are so god damn picky on there!

  • I am open to online dating but if I told any of my friends that. I would be laughed and ridiculed at for years about it. So it has made me never want to try it. I think it is a great way to meet someone since not everyone is good at going out to clubs, bars, malls, etc.. and start a great conversation.

  • I think that normal online dating sites are fine. If you're going on sites like this to find love I think that is creepy.

    • People use GirlsAskGuys as an online dating site?

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    • The two down votes I'm sure are from the couple who's on here 24/7.

    • I'll give you an up vote to try to offset it. :-)

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  • im doing online dating for the 1st time and I belive I'm in the middle of starting a great relationship! its such a common thing these days. what's the diffrence in meeting someone at a bar or online. if someone is paying for a membership online most of the time there genuine on finding someone.