Does anyone else find it weird that Emilia Clarke dates Seth MacFarlane?

First of all, he is too old for her, second of all, what a weird couple... and just strange... I find her less hott now that I know that he has been inside her...


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    Lol I personally like Seth! I think they're a wonderful couple. (: I bet she respects his views. He seems intelligent and assertive. He's definitely datable. I don't see why it has to be assumed a money thing. She has her own money from acting. It just worked out that way. I have a feeling he heavily courted her, not that she was bent on getting her hands in his pockets.

  • WHO?

    • I know right? At least show us a link or sumthin

  • as long as he's rich she doesn't care.

  • Seth McFarlane was supposed to be on one of the hijacked 911 planes, fyi.

    • I know, and he was still a liberal a hole after

  • Hmm. The guy is rich, famous, and not to mention he's a comedian and girls like funny guys so yeah. Are you rich, famous, and funny?

  • Well he is rich and famous and that's what girls want so its not surprising