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Do younger guys go for/like older girls?

would a freshman guy find a sophomore girl cute? Does being older than him make it easier to get him to like you? & what will people in my grade... Show More

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  • It depends on the age difference. Women who date younger men are generally looked down upon, at least by her peers. THat is to say, the other girls your age will at least at first, question why the hell you would date a younger guy. To the younger guy and his friends you are likely to be a godsend, as men do enjoy older women for sure. At least until we hit creepy middle age years.

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  • Yes, younger guys are attracted to older girls at that age, but the reverse isn't usually true. The average guy at that age is 2-3 years less emotionally mature than a girl, and so a guy a year younger might seem cute, but once in a relationship, will probably act very immature from the girl's perspective. A few guys will be exceptions and will be about where a girl of the same age is, and some girls are less mature than average, so it can work sometimes, but there's a reason it's the exception, rather than the rule.

  • Guys will go for women whether she is older or younger. It doesn't matter. As long as she is attractive and piques their interest, all's well.

  • I would personally date people quite a bit older than myself, and a bit younger as well, although there's obviously a within reason bracket there.

  • Once one is of an older age say early/mid 20's or more then it's probably not wrong to call it an 'in thing' but at your age (as indicated here on GAG based on your declaration) yes your peers may find it weird just as you do :)

    Just as girls your age get infatuated with your lecturers, professors, older students etc guys too have a crush on their teachers or even older girls in their school. It is a perfectly normal thing.

    But yes when an older girl dates or hooks up with a younger guy while in school / college and word spreads one can expect a lot of reaction, especially negative and poky kind of stuff. But as long as you guys are ready and capable of handling that with some support from freinds and family if available will do a lot good.

    There is nothing wrong with a relationship of any sort between a freshman and a sophomore. But however, it is scarce that a sophomore girl for various reasons including the one you have cited will go in for a freshman :)

  • that's the thing about dating after HS... ppl's "grade levels" don't matter anymore. Go get your dude. and drop the HS dating mentality. :)

  • I can tell you that from being in high school, older girls DESPISE dating younger guys. Of course, the older guys are fine. I tried to date a senior once (as a junior) and she said she couldn't because I was too young (is a year really that much of a difference?)

    I think I have seen maybe two or three couples where the girl is at least a year older than the guy.

    • I like younger guys:)... But my friends make fun of me for it...

  • It's one grade. I don't think it matters. Mostly it depends on the individual, some like older some like younger but I doubt anyone would completely rule a person out for being a grade above them.

    As far as people's perception no one should care. if they do they are simply judgemental

  • Doesnt matter, id date girls younger or older than me.

  • Yeah one year is nothing anyway

  • "would a freshman guy find a sophomore girl cute?"


    "Does being older than him make it easier to get him to like you?"

    I don't think it would make it easier unless he specifically is looking to date an older girl. Otherwise, age doesn't matter and what does matter is if he finds you attractive and if you have a nice personality and a good work ethic.

  • I prefer older women myself, mostly because of the levels of maturity. And by maturity I'm not talking about being unimpressed or acting like an "adult". I mean not blowing up small things into big deals in order to get some sort of fix of soap-opera Twilight drama.

    I like how younger girls look, and I like that I don't have to worry as much about being "man enough" for them, since "I'm older and more experienced." But then again, it's usually the young girls who think that a "bad boy" is a real man.

    What you're talking about, though, is a year. A single year. You're basically the same age, even if it doesn't seem like it now. I don't think he'll care about you being older, so long as you show that it doesn't matter to YOU.

    And maybe that's the reason for all of this. Maybe the reason high school guys are intimidated by older girls is because older girls would probably take a younger guy less seriously. It would be harder to impress her, especially with some of the B.S. high school standards. That's how I saw it, anyway. I figured they wouldn't take me seriously, and I would have to keep running in circles and putting on an act to keep them impressed, and I would rather just be able to be myself and have that be enough.

  • I was gonna ask the same question, except I am a freshman in college lol

  • For me it isn't really an age thing (numbers), its a maturity thing. It seems to me that most girls my age (25) are into the partying and going out (high maintenance).

  • yes. no. less of you. relative. like somethings wrong with the girl.

  • Oh please. That's BARELY older. You're practically the same age! Talk about a first world problem. I was expecting something more like a 21 year old guy with a 40 year old woman. Totally disappointed.

  • I recall when I was a freshman always looking towards the older girls. Hell, as a kid in elementary school I used to think about kissing my high school baby sitter. I'm pretty sure most guys are like this. Really anything around your age is just preference of the person. Your implication that younger girls and older guys is cute is not necessarily any truer than a younger guy and older girl. In fact at times it seems a bit creepy depending on the guy and how young the girl is to him. IE 20yo F with 40 yo man.

    Its true as people age the difference in appropriate ages expands but for you and people your age, 1-2 years off shouldn't be a big difference. At your age its really all about mental maturity anyways. So if a freshman boy is actually smart enough for a older girl, then all the power to him.

    • What about a 3year age difference?

    • 3 years should be fine, but I always am a bit hesitant around that magical 18yo "adult" age. That's a decision for the couple. For me, I crossed it when I was in a relation that started under 18 and we were only a year apart. Now at 23, I wouldn't see anyone under 18 for sure. Especially since I'm working in a High School right now. Super Creepy!

  • Guys usally don't care about age just looks. I went to prom with a senior as a soph it was awesome

  • lol you should teach him the ropes ;) since you're older

    it happens sometimes, but if you go a big school most people won't even know

  • Don't worry so much. What you are asking is a very individualized question (it depends on each person).

    If you want sterotypical answers I would say:


    Yes, because you are more developed and mature.

    Some might tease you depending on how mature they are and how much of a difference in grade and age there is.

    I think its fine depending on the ages and age difference.

    Good luck! :D

  • me too really ...would love to date older women..its sexy...call it sweet , cute , lovely ...the other way around would be awsm

  • it doesn't matter to me if she older than me nor not I mean if I like her than I like her it is what it is .. as long she not too old nor too young its cool by me

  • It is completely fine. As long as both of you are mature and that you respect his boundaries because he is younger than you. That's an important thing because if you have already dated people the same age and are trying to go to a sixteen plus show but he is fifteen. Suddenly he feels excluded. Happened to me, I was dating a junior girl while I was a soph. Did not work after three months because she didn't respect my boundaries and it went to fast. So as long as you respect boundaries it is completely fine. Now concerning your friends and your classmates. It really doesn't matter what others' think. As long as you and him are happy together.

  • i think its very acceptable..i knew girls in 8th grade that were "going out" (which of course at 14 means they sat next to each other at high school football games, or walked to mcdonals down the street together lol) with 7th grades...i think that's when I remember the divide between ages and grades became blurred..but its funny because when most people saw your question they probably thought it was a 40 year old woman wanting to date college guys...so YES, a frosh liking a sophomore girl is totally normal, so go for it if you want to!

  • Me personally I only date older girls because they are more mature and are less slutty. Atleast in my opinion anyway.

  • dem older sloots = would smash more xperienced sloots who know how to take 1

    fuaaark keeen mate

  • I personally love older women much more than girls my age. I think it would be fine in the situation you've mentioned.

  • I love older women (not too much older mind you), but its cool to date above your weight, especially if the girl is more mature because of her age

  • Guys find Older gals hot? OMG YES!

    Older gals find younger guys hot? More typical when they are over 30 ... so not weird/creepy but has to be seen to be believed

  • i think it is ok! In china I ever knew one women of 65 got mariied to a youngguy of 25.thay were really fell in love ,and they didont think creepy or werid! you can do it and love bravely!

  • yeah I would. so would you date a younger guy 2-3 years younger?

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  • It doesn't matter what others think. Its perfectly fine and it all depends on the guy. But don't let his age stop you from liking him.

  • Coming from someone who is a 19 year old freshman in college and is dating a 17 year old junior in high school, I can tell you that that tiny little bit of an age difference is nothing. They don't care. And sure, people may look at you funny for a bit, but they'll get over it. If you really like each other, then it shouldn't matter what others think.

  • Within a year or two of each other everything's basically fine. Freshmen guys WILL tend to find the older gals (who don't have that lost freshman look) appealing. It's not so much that you're older but that you're a little more confident, have the campus mapped out handily, etc.

  • I'm a senior girl and have just been asked out by a freshman guy. My friends think it's adorable, and it's normal at my school anyhow. There are multiple older girls that date guys two to three years younger than themselves. I feel kind of weird since it's my first time dating someone younger, but it's not that big of a difference in the real world. Don't let other people bother you anyhow if they weren't to like it.

    • My crush is about 3 years younger than me, and my friends make fun of me for it:( lol but I think he likes me back!:)

  • I'm a senior girl in high school, and I like a freshman. I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He kept on staring at me, and said that he would go for me over any other girl there. I would totally date him. I don't care what others think or say, they can say what they want.

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