Online dating interactions.

So 99% of the time when I email a girl and I ask her an open ended, getting to know you question or two like what kind of music or movies do you like or what are some of your favorite places to travel to, I always get boring and useless responses back like all kinds or all over. Can anyone please shed some light on this as to why it seems like a fate worse than death to give specifics so I can see if we have anything in common that would be conducive to an in depth 2 way conversation? Thank you in advance for any feedback!


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  • Some things like what genre of music you listen to is harder to answer for most people unless you listen to only one or two certain types of music. Also try to ask more interesting questions that might lead to a conversation. And there will always be those awkward and boring questions when you're first starting to talk to someone. You won't know what to talk about with that person unless you know stuff about them.

    • Any ideas/suggestions on what women would consider non boring questions that should be asked by someone who doesn't know anything about them?

    • Maybe ask them about their goals, dreams, or interests. It's interesting to find out what people's aspirations are and what they like to do, and is a good way to get to know them better. And a lot of people like to talk about their dreams or what they do. You can also just ask totally random questions. I think it's more fun when someone asks a random question about their opinion on something. That can lead to a fun conversation, and will also help you get to know her better.


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  • I don't like when guys ask me lame questions like about my musical taste or something. I wish small talk just didn't exist.

    • Why do you not like those types of questions if you don't mind me asking? I mean he's just trying to get to know you better.

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    • Well I guess my question would be why not just steer the conversation to a topic that you don't consider boring?

    • I'm a terrible conversationalist. And I don't really care about talking to people online, so I don't try to make it interesting.

  • You can't just skip small talk. You don't get to specifics without some useless small talk. That's what people do in real life and that's what people do online


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  • No matter how long you talk it's only going to be a one dimensional email conversation with no emotion.

    With online dating you must get the instant rapport and then ask for her phone number or ask to meet. Talking too long will waste your time and get you NOWHERE.

    Bottom line is that it's hard to keep emailing back and forth on that kind of stuff because email is dry. PUSH for the meet.