Girls, have you ever called/texted a guy that gave you his number?

A guy that you just met that you were attracted to? Besides that he was good looking, what made you want to call him? Was it his vibe? Did he make you feel comfortable? He didn't pressure you?

Also, do you find it strange that a guy would give you his number over you giving you his?

For the guys to answer, do you like giving your number instead of getting the females number? Do you like to exchange?


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  • Yes, I've definitely texted guys who gave me their numbers, but only after I'd actually spent a substantial amount of time with them (like meeting at a bar and then spending the next few hours hanging out). So I guess what made me text him was that, after getting to know him, I liked him (I'm saying this in the singular even though I've done it numerous times).

    I don't think I've ever gotten or given a number without it being a complete exchange. I've I'm not into them when they ask I just say no.

  • My personal experience with guys here: They usually give me their number and tell me to dial it on my cell phone and call them right then and there. I Really Dislike That, A Lot.

    If a guy I was interested in gave me his number I would certainly text him. I wouldn't find it strange for him to give me his over me giving him mines. I would actually like it.


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