Women: what makes YOU a good catch? I heard on here one time women were complaining how women bash their man

And as everyone already knows, that men love to be nagged and insulted to other people behind our backs.

What do you do on a date to separate yourself from other women.

Because I go on an average of 3 dates a week with different women and its repetitive and boring.

Much of the time its like were reading resumes to each other and applying for a job that neither of us wants.

And since men are the ones who approach and do all the work it takes to get women I can't honestly think of ONE thing women do during the dating process to get me to like them.

Other than dressing up, sitting there, smiling and being entertained by me.

If you are so great, what makes you different?


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  • What makes me different?

    I talk about goofy things. I'm not a very serious person. I've been likened to Jenna Marbles and Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. I'm kinda bouncy.

    I never want to have kids. EVER.

    I'm a Libertarian - that's a bit different.

    I am usually the person dominating the conversation, not sitting and listening...

    I don't like dressing up too much for first dates.

    I prefer to start on dates with minimal talking if I do not know the person -ex: movies. If our short conversations go well then I will go on a more conversation based style date.

    I don't think that was really your question though. Are you leading the conversations to the boring resume place? Maybe ask some odd questions or share some different personal stories that she might relate to. Ask about her family- that might lead to some interesting stories? Maybe you are just meeting the wrong people?


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      no that was my question.


      I like that personalty that's awesome!

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      Idk. When I learned about it I guess it wasn't so much!

      I have met a lot of people who are Libertarians and don't know it yet though!

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      Hahah I'm sure if she had that amazing personality it would make her seem prettier too!