Is there anything wrong with waiting to be the woman I want to be before dating?

I am 23 and have never had a serious boyfriend. I've dated a lot, but never felt comfortable enough to pursue anything further than a few dates. I am a little overweight. Not much, but I could stand to lose 20 pounds. I've been told I'm gorgeous by many people, and my self esteem isn't an issue for me when it comes to dating. However, I'm not sure what direction I want my life to go. I want to figure myself out first. I want to be the best possible person I can be before I add anyone else into that equation. Is this a wrong way to look at things? Does anyone else feel how I do?


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    If that's what you want to do, then so be it.

    I think it's good to find direction in life.

    However, I think you should consider that trying to be the best person you can be is usually a never ending thing. I think you will always have something you will want to improve on imo and by always wanting to wait to be the best person you can be before doing anything - you can also potentially miss some golden opportunities.

    The choice is yours, nonetheless!


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  • Good for you; don't let the media presure you into thinng yu're some kind of dysfunctional person for wanting to wait until you're sure of what you want..

    Too many people rush into uncertain relationships and regret it for the rest of their lives!

    More people should have your attitude!

  • As long as it's your decision and it doesn't negatively affect anyone else, how could it be wrong?

  • " I want to be the best possible person I can be before I add anyone else into that equation."


    If only more women thought like you.


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  • Sounds like a mature way of thinking. I'm doing exactly that except I'm not trying to be the best. Rather, I want to learn all the basic skills of living before I get into a serious relationship with a guy with the same way of thinking. After all, I still want to grow together with my man, but that won't be possible if one of us has to babysit the other before they catch up... or never catch up.