Drunk dialing? To text or not text and third date the charm?

Ok so I met this guy at a wine tasting party, he was super cute, funny and charming after multiple glasses of wine we began shamelessly making out. After we got control of ourselves, he took my number and we agreed to meet for dinner. After our date we kissed multiple times and he suggested we go out again, but in a couple towns over, I'm new in town so I wasn't comfortable with driving and told him he would have to drive. He agreed but I was nervous. I mean it was only the first date, so when it came time to meet up I suggested a local place. After dinner he asked me when I would be free again and we planned to meet Fri, he suggested a new place to go(the same town he mentioned before) I hesitated with my answer and then told him I wanted to but wasn't sure about going so far he suggested another town close by the one where we've had our current venues ( it's really small and not much to do ) I agreed and chose the town we should visit and then apologized telling him we could move up to the town he wanted to visit, and that I was just having trust issues. He kissed me a few more times and left by saying "If I can't wait until Fri to see you I'll give you a call," Should I text him and tell him the destination of choice is OK by me? Did I falter in saying I had trust issues? I like him but I'm not sure I'm ready to be exclusive am I being to paranoid?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You didn't really falter when saying your trust issues. That's pretty normal.

    If you're not ready to be exclusive, it must be because of the trust issue. He doesn't open up himself with you really well, and that's what might be bothering you. Also, about the destination, you can call/text him anytime when you want to change.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, this is really weird. I wouldn't trust it either, and I don't think he really is single! Why else would he take you to a place far away from yours? Don't trust him.