What is it like dating these kind of professional women?

1. A model

2. A cheerleader (I'm talking about NFL cheerleaders)

3. An air hostess

Guys, if you have ever dated any of these professional women what have been your experiences? Did you like or dislike your time spent with them?

Girls, if you are (or have been) one these women in the professions listed above what have been your experiences? Did you date your average Joe or did you end up dating guys with a high status? What were your likes and dislikes?


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  • I've dated a model before.

    From my experience, she's actually the nicest lady around. Her personality's great, and she's really great person to be around.

    Some guys see her as "out-of-their league", so she's been single for a while.

    I've seen her as always alone in her ways like taking lunches, walking home, and others.