Wait for him or should I move on?

This guy I had been seeing but not a serious relationship told me at Christmas he would be really busy come January as he has some life changing goals he wants to achieve,

we still text each other every day but he refused to meet up with me. I guess I have been a pain in his ass and kept on asking and asking to see him and this week he said in a very polite, non hurtful or nasty text message that he really is genuinely busy and needs to be more focused on his goals and not be distracted, he really won't be seeing me for the foreseeable future but he will contact me when he gets free time again if I'm still around.

So, do I wait for the foreseeable future or take it as a very nice we are finished?


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  • Just move on girl. Go out and get some. Time goes by. Never wait for anyone.


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  • He said IF you're still around. He is not expecting you to wait.

    • meaning he doesn want me to?

    • That's not what he said, or I said.

      You might do better if you stop trying to read further than people actually say to you in life.

      If he didn't want you period, then he wouldn't bother saying that he would contact you if you were free.

      He is giving you the choice. Wait for him, don't wait for him, have a short fling with someone, whatever. It's your call.

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  • I'm having this same problem! Except we've committed to a long term relationship where we'll be getting married soon, but he's been busy lately and we haven't spent time together since 4 months ago, he rarely replies to my texts/emails, last time we spoke was 3 weeks ago, I see him in college everyday but he never approaches me so I don't approach him either as I don't want to be a pain. I did tell him it's bothering me, but in a very harsh argumentative manner, so he asked 'why do you give me headaches?' after that, we laughed it out...but still though, we don't talk or meet..but because I love him and we're in a serious relationship, I'll continue to wait even though it KILLS! I've always wondered whether in these situations, men have the time to miss you or even think back to the memories when we'd spend time togethr and have a good time, cos it keeps us girls wishing and craving for them back! I hope he gets to you real soon, wish me luck too :( xx let me know how it goes

  • You take it as a very nice you are finished. It's super obvious he wants this to be over you just need to take the hint. Sorry

  • If he's worth your effort to keep him around then be my guest but if he's not then you better just move on.