Should I just get over him?

I have a crush on this guy for awhile now, I couldn't seem to get over him so I would text him from time to time. And I did it again a few days ago, when we chat he seems really into the conversation and texts me again after a few hours, and we chat till we go to sleep and wish goodnight. I wanted to see if he would text me I waited a few days, but didn't got any text message so I texted him again and this time he wasn't really that into the conversation (maybe it's because he was out with friends), I know that I probably sound really desperate but I wanted to try...:) so should I get over him for real this time?


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  • have you ever simply told him how you feel?

    it seems to me the only way to get a real resolution to your issue is to open up a dialogue regarding the issue. For me I often couldn't tell if a girls phone calls, or general convo's were her attempts to get close to me or simply her conversing. Maybe just tell him how you feel, then regardless of his answer you will have your answer


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  • In other words, this guy probably doesn't even know that you like him. Dropping hints often doesn't work. You're just going to have to tell him that you like him.

  • U tried bt didn't get him texting...not really a bad sign. You can try sometime. But if you like that guy for his qulities or ... & want him as desperately as you sound then you might get over him. Talk 2 him outdoors & indicate towards a couple or say "u c d romantic they are!" & wait 4 what he feels.

  • How about you tell him how you feel, he might surprise you :)


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