My ex says he still has feelings for me and thinks about me, but won't date me again?

My ex and I broke up after 4 months of dating about two weeks ago. I ended things over a simple miscommunication. He texted me a week or so ago and told me he still had feelings for me and thought about me every day, but that he didn't wanna date again. He gets really jealous when I see other guys. How do I make him want me back? Do I ignore him, or do I remain friends? Thanks!


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  • He needs time to figure things out. If he wants to remain friends, then do that, but don't be pushy and let him contact you first. Trust me on this. My ex and I broke up over a week ago, and I let him come to me. As of now, we are friends, we hang out, and text all the time. I know we're going to get back together, we're just taking a little break. I suggest the same for you depending on what the guy wants. Just remember, let him come to you, because there is nothing worse than being too clingy or pushy. You're just going to scare him away.

  • Ignore him. It takes a lot more time for someone to see what they truly are missing out on. Start dating other guys and it will make him see what he is missing out on.