Is the museum a good date idea for a rainy day?

I hate rainy days -_- My boyfriend and I are hanging out this weekend but its supposed to rain. I was thinking we could maybe go to a museum or something. I don't wanna go to the movies or just hang at each others house cause we already did that last weekend :/

Do you have any ideas on what we can do instead of the museum?

Also ladies: would it be weird if I wore a dress since its supposed to rain? I bought a really cute one and I wanna wear it so bad! Lol


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  • In theory yes, but honestly I'm not that cultured to really enjoy a museum outing. I prefer travel.

    • Neither am I... Unless they're about mummies or dinosaurs or something cool like that. This one is about art. Not something I enjoy to be honest. But again, I've got no other idea on what we can do.


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  • I love rainy days, especially the low hanging black clouds beforehand.

  • Yeah a museum is a great idea. Also watching a play, going to a concert or show, going to an indoor sporting event. Could go bowling, or dancing at a club. Or just dining out.

    • I like the idea of a play! Going to look up some in my area now :) We already did bowling 2 weeks ago and the club isn't our type of thing to do. Thanks for the play idea though, that's a good one lol

What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's a great idea and romantic

    • Would wearing a dress be odd?

    • Not at all. I see people dressed up all the time

    • Ok thank you! I was just a little iffy cause of the darn rain