Confused about dating?

To make a long story short, I went to prom with him last year after not knowing him very well, so it was a bit awkward because we were both shy. Since then, we've been on a few sporadic outings with his family (college and work made life busy) and he finally asked me out on a real date about a month ago and we had another date and now he's asking me on a date for Valentine's day. We've only just recently got each others' numbers and we've started texting a lot and we're starting to really connect more. I'm just confused because it's been taking a while and we haven't discussed liking each other or being exclusive yet. Is he just being shy or fearing that he will be rejected or what?


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  • He's probably feeling just like you are ! He asked you out,didn't he ? Go out with him and talk about those things,you said you're both shy,you're both busy,maybe he likes to take things slow but asking you out on valentine is a good sign.Go for it :) Oh and can you please answer my last very disgusting question,thx :)


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