How to get this guy to text me back?

This one guy I know is VERY attractive and in a sense much "popular" than I am. One day over the summer he asked me to hang out and that he thought I was hot and we should do something sometime. Time obviously passed since summer and he texted me on and off. We've never talked in person but when he texts me he tries to set up a "date" like thing. I wouldn't mind going out with him, even if it's just a one night stand. But he won't reply to me, and hasn't for a while. Did he find some else to mess around with? Can I get him to reply without over texting him?


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  • just hint at him for a a date.see what he does. if he doesn't take the bait, just move on.

  • just vanish. if he doesn't contact you again, it was never meant to be.