When has it been too long to get a second date?

Are first date was seven weeks ago. I asked her out for a second date four weeks, she said yes initially. The date to be was a set time and place thing. She later said so could not go because of something she had to do that night, but I am not sure if that was true. I asked her out again last week, but she had to work which I know is true.

So has it been too long? I really am not sure if she likes me or not. She smiles when she sees me, which she does not do for most people, but rarely says bye. I am having trouble telling if she is paying hard to get or is just disinterested. I also have admittedly failed by not texting or calling her though out this whole thing, however we do see each other on a regular basis.


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  • never too long if the attraction is still there for both people.


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  • It sounds as if she may not be interested... In my opinion when your unable to make a set date you suggest an alternative or say your really sorry can we do it another time. If she made no effort to keep you interested then I think you should move on.

    • ya, I think you are right.

  • Unless there's extenuating services, I'd say a week. MAYBE 2. And that's only if there's been some contact by then.


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