Guys: What is the hottest thing a girl can wear?

In an ideal world what would a girl wear on a date? Makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair, etc. and what do you hate that girls wear on dates?


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  • Stilettos. I flip out inside when I see a chick wearing those high black ones (the Louboutin ones with the red sole kill me). They're so seductive. It's no state secret that high heels are a symbol of confidence and female empowerment. But you should have the feet to pull off a certain type. Sometimes when I see petite pretty-girls in ridiculously high ones, they just seem uncomfortable and I get reminded of hookers I saw in Bangkok.

    But nothing gets hotter than a woman who celebrates her sexuality and woman-ness, all without being trashy. So I say, skip the cleavage, skip the exposing your derrière, wear these if you can.

    Red lips also make me mad-dog seduced xD


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  • It depends on the girl and it depends on the date. In general, try to emphasize the best parts of your body. For example, tight jeans on a meaty ass always look good. Whatever you wear, make sure it's sexy but not trashy.

  • Wear a little black dress

  • She would wear a minidress or miniskirt, sandals or shoes (no high heels).


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