What should I say to her?

My friend seems to only talk to me at her convenience or when she has no one else to talk to. I have done quite a bit for her. I got her a Christmas present, and she recently got surgery so I got her a card for that as well. The most I have gotten back is one Thanks! text message. I don't need or want anything back in return, I just want her to tell me or show me that our friendship matters to her too. She ignores so many of my texts, but then blows up my phone when she feels like talking to me. I need her to show me that our friendship mayyers to her, so what should I do? Please help!


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  • i had a friend like that and I talked to her about it, she would realize she was an ass and try to fix the issue but a month later shed go back to her old habits. I eventually had to cut her off and moved on. I never spoke to her again. I was at my worse depression and just lost in life crying and she was out shopping with her cousin. I realized she was the worse friend ever and I never spoke to her again. I ended up meeting new people made new friends who get me and are always there for me now and vice versa.

    friendships need to be equal. if a friend isn't there for you at your toughest times, its a sign they don't care about you deep down. theyre selfish and only look to themselves.


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  • Tell her that. Lay out your expectations. If she continues down the same path, distant yourself from her.

  • Ok hun, people say they care in different ways. This girl just isn't as thoughtful as you. You need to tell her that sometimes you feel as if she isn't there for you like you are for her. And maybe that you would like to be able to depend on her more because you want her in your life. If she gets pisdy with that then count your blessings and walk away.

  • She sounds like a taker to me