Ladies, why do you think some guys like you but never want to date you?

i have a huge crush on this girl at my university, she is a model but I never courted her because I thought I'll never be good enough for her. Taller, richer, more attractive guys are after her. I was very insecure. and so, my follow-up question is how do you pick who to date? how do you choose if many guys are hitting on you? is it base on looks? personality? how to win your heart? thank you ladies.


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  • It's based on all of those things you listed. However, if a guy was really hot but had no personality then I would chose the other guy that was less attractive but had a better personality. It's really important to me that there is chemistry and we have fun hanging out with each other just talking or doing something, when it is just the two of us. I don't care how good he looks, if he's got no personality I get bored and have to end it. I never really cared about how much money a guy has so I can't tell you about that. But I would just go and talk to her, and see if your personalities mesh well together, that's the most important thing. Don't worry about those other guys, and worry about yourself because that's the only thing you can control.


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  • I honestly think they don't want to date me because they only want to screw me. I'm at that college-level age, where guys don't really think of long-term relationships. It's a little ridiculous, because I don't like sex. I don't dress slutty or act that way either, it's just what my subcouncious supposedly "gives off". I would rather guys try to date me, and have to turn that down. I'm really shy.

    If I have more than one guy, I generally pick the first one. Or if there is one I really click with. But if a guy remembers my coffee drink or brings me flowers or even remembers I'm lactose intolerant, he is definitely more important than mr. muscles over there. I want to be thought of as the only one he is going after and feel special. That would get me every time :)

  • Well the guy I am really into I don't think he would ever date me. I don't think I am good enough because I don't have a pretty face. He is everything I look for in a guy, we connect so well, we have so much in common and get along well, he is so easy to talk to, and he is a great man but there is no way I could ever get a guy like him. I usually just go for guys that I think are in my league, and the guy I really want isn't even close to my league. So I am not even going to bother with him. He deserves ten times better than someone like me.

  • listen up these are the reasons why I think a guy wouldn't court a girl:

    10. he is shy to buy flowers

    9.the friends of the girl don't like him

    8.he don't like the friends of the girl

    7.her house is so far away

    6. he has many good looking rivals

    5. he can't talk when the girl is around

    4. the friendship ayeeeh would be ruined

    3. the feeling he will just be rejected

    2. he does not like the girl that much on the first place <3

    1. they have different mobile phone network, the girl is "globe", the guy is "smart".

  • Physical things don't really matter to me. It's hard enough to find someone you connect with, never mind trying to add really good looking into the mix. I'd choose from which guys want ONE girl, and how good of a guy they are. My ex is really good looking, but we dated because we got along well and our personalities clicked. But he turned out to be a d***, so I canned him. I've noticed that after that relationship, I don't mind how guys look, and just look for a good personality, in hopes that I'll find someone that treats me right.

    • girls only care about looks

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    • I agree looks aren't very important to me either.

    • damn. why is she downvoted for her personal opinion? thank you. :-)

  • Based on personality, and how I feel hanging out with them. If I think their fun and interesting to talk to, there's a good chance I'll be attracted.

    Looks play a role, too. But I don't have high expectations in that department. I fall for guys who would be considered average looking by most people based on personality. I've actually never liked a guy who was typically what most girls consider attractive.

  • If you don't think you're ever going to be "good" enough, then unfortunately you probably won't be. Confidence, in yourself will attract any woman you want. You truly have to work on yourself first. You stated that richer,taller,more attractive guys approach her? Get all of that out of your head, because honestly how are you going to expect a woman to be confident in you? Believe in yourself and know that you deserve that girl just as much as the other guys!

  • Why would guys like me but never want to date me?

    That's an interesting question. I think, for some, I'm a difficult person to know. I keep so much of what I think and feel to myself, and I keep my life to myself more than I probably should. I remember one time, a boyfriend met my parents and my parents were talking about my life and my past, and my boyfriend was really upset that I hadn't told him some of the things they talked about. He told me that it hurt him to learn how much I didn't trust him. Of course, he ended up cheating on me, haha! It's hard for me to trust people, so I keep everything very close to the chest and that pushes people away quite often.

    Some guys have thought of me as this dark and mysterious girl, and then they become disappointed when they realize I'm darker and more mysterious than they'd anticipated. It gets old, for some.


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