I'm going on my first First Date!! Help!

well I'm going on my first date tonight, me and my boyfriend are going to see a movie, and I have no idea what to wear how to do my hair or makeup! my hair is medium length very thick naturally straight and layered what kind of style can I do? and my makeup I usually just wear some liploss and eyeliner, please help mee!


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  • Why go extravagant? Just do what you usually do, something that makes you confident. Wear something nice, casual (after all, it's just a movie, not a fancy dinner) that makes you feel good. Wear your hair down, maybe style it (I always style it, so no need to listen to me ^^), or wear your hair like you do when you go out? Don't stress :-)

  • You'll be fine. Just relax, be relaxed when you're with him. Go casual, like jeans and a blouse or t-shirt. Or black jeans and shirt. Hair in ponytail and natural makeup just like you usually wear it :) Good luck :)