Is it okay that I'm taking a little while to reply?

I just got back in touch with a guy friend from high school who I knew a couple years ago. I liked him then and he liked me but nothing ever came of it. Anyway, for the past month we've been texting. I don't text people often, so a lot of times I leave my phone somewhere and don't check it for a while, sometimes a couple hours even. So anyway, for the past week I've been taking a little while to reply to him because I'm either in class or studying or driving and I don't want distractions. So, today we've only had about 5 texts between us because I took a couple hours to reply and then he did the same and then I took a nap and didn't reply for another 3 hours.

I have a feeling he's on his phone just about as much as I am because of how long it takes him sometimes.

We don't just text each other a couple words, it's more like a couple sentences per text, so I know he likes talking to me, but I wonder if it's coming off the wrong way that I sometimes take a while to reply. He does the same most times, but I just want to make sure.

So, guys especially, would it come off the wrong way that a girl is taking sometimes up to a couple hours to reply? Even if you are too?


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  • Yeah I think it's fine, though in the long run it can get a bit annoying or boring since it's always dragging out a conversation.

    Personally I prefer back and forth for a bit with a definite close to the conversation, just because it feels more like a real face to face talk.

    • Well usually by this time of night I'm able to reply a little faster and most of the time he does too. I guess I'm just thinking about it a lot because it's been almost 4 hours since I texted him and he hasn't replied. I swear I don't always get like this ha ha but I really like him. I just don't want to screw up. I could just be over thinking it though I guess

    • Yup, probably over thinking. But it's all good, the most important point is that you two are enjoying talking to each other.


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  • Maybe he is just reciprocating the time you respond with the time he responds to make it fair? I have friend who is player and always tells me if you text and it takes her 10 minutes to respond, respond back in 10 minutes to her. Not sure why tells me that, but when I do it seems the girls start to respond faster, maybe it sets a flow to conversation?

    Good luck..


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  • I know you wanted a guy to give you advice but I am free to give you advice, anyways I too sometimes do the same thing but it's usually because I am busy, but like it would probably depend on the type of guy that you are talking too because everyone is there own person and reacts differently to different things. Also most guys feel free to talk about anything usually, so I'm sure he probably would I've said something to you because I know my boyfriend isn't afraid to say what's on his mind most of the time. Although this too most Likly depends on the guy . Hope this helped:)

  • omg your two are just like me and my guy friend