What did I do wrong? I don't understand

I've kissed this guy (he was my first kiss I doubt he knows that) he had a girlfriend and still does I think and maybe he's sort of a player or wants to be maybe I'm imagining it but he rarely talks to me now like we don't communicate at all , like what's up ? and feel free to ask questions because I don't think I gave enough details


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  • Well since he's still with his girlfriend and hasn't been talking to you, he probably isn't interested in ending his relationship. There's a good chance he regrets kissing you since to a lot of people that'd be cheating.

    • True, but like we kissed a long time ago like in December and then like a couple weeks ago when we were talking he was like they don't go out anymore but I think they do so I don't know . And its just a lot I'm not adding because me and this guy is like a really long story aha

    • The story of every young relationship :)

      If they're in that on and off phase he may not be interested in new girls for a while even if he likes you. But it's impossible to know his intentions now especially when it's covered up by a girlfriend he has to be faithful to

    • mmkayy , I just I don't know he's sort of a bad boy too I really don't wanna like him but I do and it sucks:((


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  • No, not enough details. How did you end up kissing him? How do you know about his previous girl? What makes you think he's a player?

    • lol , I didn't think so. but I'm 16 and we used to sort of flirt around / mess around a bit since I was 14 and it wasn't really anything sexual that much I mean I'm a virgin and he knows that but when we started messin around he was dating her and we kissed like 3x but it was really shocking because we don't take it that far and its been confusing and he's like best looking dude at my school so girls are always all over him .

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  • Sounds like he was just using you since he has a girl. No more kissing sessions until you know for sure that he is single even if you do like him. Also he needs to learn to respect his girlfriend and you first. Kissing other girls when you have a girlfriend is disrespectful towards both girls imo.