What does it mean when a girl doesn't text back?

I text this girl she doesn't reply to me but replies to any of my other mates who text her

nope she just doesn't reply even when she is on frees


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  • she doesn't like you

    the truth hurts but she doesn't like you

    and if she responds only sometimes is because she

    has nothing better to do&it's conveniant,

    i've done it before &it's not nice and it's wrong

    but it happens


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  • i guess she just doesn't see you that way. Or maybe she more friends with your mates or something like that. It could alosobe that she might not be intrested in you. sorry but it happens to all someday.

  • She could be busy at the moment...

  • stuff happens, misunderstandings, usually the most simplest things. for example the guy I liked, I wanted him to call me and when he finally did late at night, my parents were around so I couldn't pick up (yea its awkward, and also my parents are nosy and overprotective), but I was on my laptop talking on aim to his bud who was our mutual friend...and he was calling him up too...so it caused mad confusion...but the truth is, I was secretly jumping on the bed and happpy he callled and couldn't sleep that night thinking about him and his voicemail he left and couldn't wait for the sun to come up so I can be alone in the house and call him back =D and I did. and it was awesome.


What Guys Said 1

  • Who knows except her. Seroiusly. The girl I am sort of seeing does the same sh*t. I'll send her a text and she won't respond. But I'll ask some question and she'll respond right away. I just sent her one to see if she wanted to set something up this weekend, and I know she was on her myspace recently, but its basically 2 hours since I sent it. Do what I'm gonna do, don't text her until she eventually texts you back.