first hangout/date?!

I'm just getting to know this girl and I really like her and I hear she might like me too. I was thinking about asking her to the movies but I was told by a few girls that movie dates suck. I was thinking maybe take her out to Starbucks or something? Then maybe invite her over to watch a movie at my house. Which would be better and why? Also any other suggestions for a first date type thing would be good. (I can drive so throw anything at me)

I'm only a sr in high school. Okay so basically the house idea is on the sidelines for now from what I see.

Starbucks is rents to be popular. That seems like a really short date tho


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  • I suggest instead of starbucks, you find a trendy little cafe or tea shop in town. Where I live, there is this tea place that is surprisingly the most popular teen hangout for the local high school. They sell this awesome tea, but the atmosphere is just artsy and trendy. There's awesome music playing, with some cool, contemporary/victorian mix art styles, and couches all over. It's the perfect date location to just spend hours talking and hanging out in. I suggest you research cafes and tea shops in your town, to see if you can find anything like that. I would suggest trying the place out alone first, just so you know the ropes on how to order or whatever. at the tea shop here, it's pretty confusing and there's a pretty complicated menu haha.

    • There's a really small caf? near this small outdoor skating rink so I was thinking I would take her skating then maybe we will go get a tea or coffee or somthing

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    • I don't think she will have to pretend, she said she sucked the other day :P I play hockey so this could be my time to shine, though I don't have experience teaching someone to skate

    • haha just hold her hand, and let her pull you down with her a few times. ;)

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  • Hmm well... hanging out at your home would be cool for you and her. First of all you guys could probably watch movies there, play video games and get to know each other. Starbucks is a sweet date.. I think you guys should window shop and go to the mall?

    The mall is fun.. go to like the biggest mall in your guys's city? lol or see a movie with her... I would also suggest taking her somewhere nice for dinner lol

  • yea first dates shouldn't be movies cause you wanna be able to talk to her...whats your budget for a first date? lol

    • Sky's the limit :P I don't wanna be busting out too much cash in the first date tho. Then it just makes me seem like I'm buying her love

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    • it doesn't have to be ...but I do admit it is can still do it lol...well I guess if you really really really like someone the girl would feel nice lol...well let me about talking long walks to like food cart and chill and talk and then walk over to an ice cream place or a coffee shop since you really want starbucks LOL

    • It sucks cause it's in a hard season to date, it's all wet and gross out so the outdoor skating rink is day to day the trails are slushy my town also just sucks :P

  • I wouldn't go on a date at Starbucks. That's where you go for lunch with coworkers.

    Beach, park, museum, exhibit, state fair, amusement park.

    • Haha I wish I had a beech that'd be great, I'm in a small town in canada. So it's snowy with not many big event type things

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    • Once I'm out of school I'm planning to move to Cali :)

    • Yes it's kinda way to lame here for dating, it's a smaller town with not much in it. Basically a mall and a theatre

  • 1. I think the Starbucks idea is bad - too many people around and not quite cozy

    2. I think the movie at the house is not such a good idea - family and adults around. Plus as a girl that rubs me the wrong way. Are you ashamed to take me out or are you trying to get me closer to your bedroom runs through my mind. Plus movies suck because you're sitting there for 2 hours watching characters live when you could have been talking with each other.

    I think a walk at the park and dinner is good - but I understand its cold outside

    there's ice skating, museums, basketball games - be creative

    • Ice skating! That could do. I have a free ice skating thing just down the street. Then maybe grab a coffee after and go for a walk? Does that sound good?

  • Yeah movies dates are lame just stick with the starbucks one.

  • I personally hate coffee, but Starbucks is a good place to go. Don't ask her to go to a movie at your house until the second date otherwise it might come off as... Something else. But walk her home afterward definitely. (Make sure to go to a location closer to her house for this one)

  • A movie date is fine! Taking her to you're house is just a big NO! She'd feel uncomferble and like you only want sex. The classic movie date is awesome!

    • People have a point tho that thre isn't much talking going on

  • movies dates do suck, try going to mini golf:)

  • Yes Starbucks is a good place to take your because it allows both of you to talk. When you take someone at on a date that is the whole idea to take in order to get to know them on a more personal level. You cannot do that if you are at the movies. I suggest you leave the movie at the house at for a while. Inviting her over one the first date or even the fifth date would be too early. It may send the wrong message even though you may mean no harm.


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  • The best thing you can do is to invite her to Starbucks. You can have some good conversations there, and get to know more about each other. Afterwards, you can watch movie at your house so you can get touch-touchy with her.