So I got this text and I am totally confused now!?!? Should I be worried or will he be back ?

Hey just wanted to let you know I made it home. And I had a lot fun last night I also hope you sleep well. I'm going to try an get a few hours myself so ill talk to later. Is he into me, Or is this his way of blowing me off ?


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  • That's neither. That's just letting you know he made it home, he had fun last night whatever you did and he hopes you'll sleep well. He needs some time to recover/sleep/whatever and he will get back to you later. What's to worry about?

  • He has obviously contacted you the day after; a good sign that he is still interested in you. In addition, he has told you that he will talk to you later. He probably is really tired and needs to rest. So give him some space and let him contact you again when he is ready. We women need to relax and let things happen naturally. Whatever you do, do not text him. Wait for him to contact you again. How do I know? I've recently gone through the exact same thing. I gave him his space after the date and guess what, he did contact me and we had a wonderful next date which was Valentine's Day. The next day I got not a text, but a phone call--for the next date. So be patient.