Am I talking myself out of liking this guy?

I've gone on 2 dates with this guy. He is attractive, has a nice body it seems, and from what he's told me he gets good grades and doesn't party much. So, I can't complain about that, but I've been iffy about him since he asked me out. I feel like he's a little boring and doesn't make me feel excited to hang out with him like I do when I've hung out with other guys I really like. And he reminds me a little of my brother, which obviously is a turn off.

A friend of mine from over a year ago got in touch with me a couple weeks ago. We almost dated when we knew each other before, but things got in the way and it didn't happen. Well, he's been talking to me a lot lately and I'm pretty sure he still has feelings for me. I've thought about him a lot over the past year.

So, I'm really not sure how I feel. Sometimes I think I'm trying to make excuses to stop talking to the guy who I've been out with a couple times. Other times, I really don't think it would work out with this because I just don't feel that attracted to him.


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  • Just from the fact that you're posting this question and from your description, I say it's not that you're talking yourself out, you were just never feeling that spark to begin with.

    I say stop seeing the guy if you find yourself just pointing out the bad things, that's not how any healthy relationship should work.


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  • Don't force yourself to like him, if you're having to pick out things you like and really have to think about whether or not you are attracted to him then I think you should break it off. It will only end up hurting you both. The worst part would be that you would be thinking about this old guy friend while dating he new guy you aren't very interested in. Don't just settle, find someone you like and date them. I completely agree with sfauo btw

  • i think he is very shy becasue of some circumstances and the way of living . you should help him remove all his hesitations ...give him a little time ..let him mixed up with you this time you should just flirt with the other friend of past and know what he did for all those times since he met you before.


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  • just keep dating and see where your feelings lead you