Females if a guy makes the first move is he deemed beneath you?

Tired of this sh*t honestly. If a guy approaches or attempts to get to know you (women) then how come instead of being flattered or greatful you instead act as if he's below you. For example a guy may call or text you to no reply for days before you "decide" to text back. Another being you two date or go out but instead of texting him first you wait for him to do so.


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  • See the thing is women don't think they should text first or reply too soon or they'll be seen as clingy or desperate. It's pretty much been ingrained in women that the guy should pursue and make the moves. I'm not saying whether that's right or wrong, that's just what a lot of girls have been taught from a young age. Also a girl could be busy, a horrible texter & bad at callbacks (I have friends who are like this!), not interested in a relationship and doesn't know how to just come out and say that, or playing a game in hopes that you like her more. Hope some of this has been informative.


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  • no. the girls just aren't that into you. don't make this into a gender rant please.

    • Lol I forget sometimes that no girls like me.

    • stop being so bitter, these aren't "all girls" just the particular ones you are dealing with.

    • Im not bitter every girl I've approached has been the same even when I was trying a variety of them. So I guess my next step is to give up. I've never had a real gf.

  • you're taking a personal issue and turning it into a gender generalization.

    No offense but that's how women treat guys they don't like.we don't do that to all guys.if you notice a pattern of women ignoring you, you might not be attractive to the girls you're trying to get.


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  • First move usually equals: I want sex

    To which the recipient then has the power; "To give sex, or not".

    Basically you put the ball in their court. That's just the way it is.