My BFF likes the guy I'm talking to right now..and she went out with him on date. what should I do?

I really liked this guy for a while and I told my BFF ALL about it. Me and the guy would always talk and text frequently throughout the day. I would go home and tell her what we did. A month later she tells me she likes him too now and they went on a date. We haven't talked since then. Was what she did wrong, or am I over reacting?


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  • That was so wrong of her a BFF would never do that because one, they care to much about your friendship, two she sees how much you like this guy, three because there is no guy that gets between you two. She did everything bad thing a friend could do, which really she is not a friend. Don't even worry about a girl like that.

    • Thanks for the advice. That's what I pretty much figured


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  • Well she is wrong. She would not be my BFF anymore. She just broke the friend code. All girls have this code even if you don't talk about it. I would not let a guy come between you, but she did. You are right.

  • HMMMM. You might be a tad but its up to him who he likes so go on a date with him and he"ll pick but don't be pissed if he picks ur bff just smile but still be friends with both. And if ur friend says y are you going on a date just be like it was harmless (even if it wasn't) and don't tell her