When guys say 'see you later'... are girls analysing too much?

After a hot date (3rd date in my case), lots of chemistry, as he leaves he says 'see you later'. Not once, but twice, after kissing the girl a couple of times. (I wondered if I was supposed to suggest when I'm next free the second time he said it, as he knows I'm busy a lot. But I was a bit thrown, so I didn't!).

So, 'see you later'... do girls analyse that line too much, Because to us it seems a little vague? Do guys just say it Because they DO want to see a girl again and they don't think much of it? I know guys have said they don't think that deeply, and yet us girls continue to pick apart everything they say.

So guys can you throw some light on this please?

LOL, what are we like? I don't know why we do it, we just think too deeply! (maybe not all of us, I'm sure some girls don't, but a lot of us do!)
Well... I was right! He didn't contact me again. I knew it!


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  • "do girls analyse that line too much,"

    Definitely yes.


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  • Yeah, you are definitely over thinking this way too much.


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  • Your reading way to much into it. When a guy says see you later that's exactly what he means .

  • I think so. "See you later" is just another way of saying goodbye for some people. Sort of like "Ill call you." (and we know how that goes sometimes)