Do I tell him?!

This guy I'm seeing seems to think I've had an experienced past and a few boyfriends. I don't know where he got this beyond the fact that he constantly tells me how much he likes me and therefore thinks I'm a catch. Truth is, I've only had one fling of a boyfriend before him, and he is my first (and awkward) kiss. I know I should tell him, but I don't know how to bring it up. I just feel that it'd be silly to tell him now, after the fact, that I'm very inexperienced. Kinda like I lied to him by not correcting him. (Though technically it's not like he stated, "WELL I KNOW YOU'VE HAD A LOT OF BOYFRIENDS." or anything.) I don't know... I just feel so confused.

BTW. I'm 16 and he's 17... my age is wrong on this site. Haha


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  • Hmm that's a toughie I wouldn't correct him if he really gets on your case then id'e recomend the truth but then again some guys like the triumph of being a girls first kiss first whatever you know it might make him feel good about himself.All I can say is whatever you say could affect your relationship in a good way or bad way I personally would love if a girl hasn't really kissed a guy I don't really like when a girl has been around you know hell probably be happy :)


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  • I wouldn't tell him, unless you are truly worried about appearing to be inexperienced. Some girls just have it and don't need to practice. Be confident in what you do and your lack of experience shouldn't show.

    • Our first kiss we knocked teeth. He blamed it on himself because he's adorable but still... :/ But hopefully confidence is all I need. Thanks. :]