Initiating texts even though you send 'good morning' txts.

I met a girl recently who lives a few hours away in a neighboring state so my primarily means of communication with her are through phone conversations/txts.

Most of the time we are txting and I've been sending her the good morning texts every day (I do mix it up so it's not the same exact message). First couple of times she would respond to those but after that she basically just texts me in the evenings with her response and a smiley face and that kicks off the rest of our text messages for the rest of the evening/night.

I'm wanting to know if it would come off as needy if I txt'd her in addition to the good morning texts or just let her still be the one to text me in the evenings? Should I cut out the good morning texts if I want to initiate the contact later or even cut them out altogether?


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  • You don't sound too needy so that's good:) The morning texts are good even if you send them every day. Once in a while don't send her one and she won't stop thinking about it our she'll text you good morning instead because that's what she's used to. She probably texts you at night because she's less busy or just used to that (that's how I am). But no, you should text her whenever even if you already sent her good morning without her responding. It's not cming of as too needy unless you send her MORE than 2 texts without response.


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  • It's not really needy. You just want to establish good communication, and contact.