Guys: Is he interested?

So I went to Sprint with my mom and the guy who was signing us up was really cute and kept making me laugh (he's 24 I'm 19), as me and my mom left she said she noticed that he was flirting with me a lot (ive never flirted before) The next day my mom went back because her phone wasn't working and she told him I thought he was cute and he said "have her give me a call". I texted him later that night and we texted back and forth for a while, then for the next three days I would send the first text and it went on like that, but he usually stops replying. I stopped texting him for 2 days then sent him a random hello message, then the next two days he texted first but would never reply after that. Then I didn't text him for an entire week and randomly texted him, he replied a few times but hasn't since.

I don't really know if he's interested or just trying to tell me subtly that he isn't.

(Also I suck at knowing these types of things because I've never dated or anything)


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  • He's most likely interested. To what degree I don't know. After all he just met you. Keep in mind guys rarely get caught up in the love at first sight type fantasy. It takes us a while to really build of feelings for a girl that go beyond physical attraction.

    Also, were talking all about texting which quite frankly borderline depresses me. The fact that our relationships in the 21st century have been dubbed down to texting is kind of sad. I really hate how a person or a relationship is completely judged 100% by their texting habits.

    See, I know for a a fact that most guys hate texting. We're not talkers like girls are who send 10000 text a month having hour long conversations with our friends. We just don't' do that and that doesn't change even if a women is on the other end of the phone. As a result, some guys will oblige you knowing there is no way around not texting you, but they usually keep the convos short because it becomes a burden when your busy going about your day and you have to answer a text every 5min. This is especially the case with a girl you barely know so the conversations are likely rather dry and superficial, which means they'll get boring fast, especially for a guy who doesn't bond through conversation. Now don't get me wrong, to a degree a guy will enjoy talking with you and texting you. Just to as much as you are enjoying it.

    My advice is to step it up and suggest hanging out or going on a date. For one that will allow you to truly gauge his interest. As the godfather said, he's a salesmen which means he's also likely very good and flirting and keeping girls around. I also know from experience that some guys just like having a phone book full of girls they can flirt and text with just for fun. Asking him to go out will let you know if your on that list or not. Also, if he does agree to go out, you'll cover way more ground in person. Guys bond through touch and physical closeless. This means you need to get him in the same room as you. Every minute in person he spends with you, has the same effect on him, as each text he sends has on you.

    Btw if yo don't believe me, I'll use my good friend as an example. He's been dating this girl for 4yrs and is likely to marry her. However, she texts him all the time and he to this day complains about it. He hates texting and finds it to be a burden to have to text her all day. He'll do it to please her, but he hates it. Obviously that doesn't mean he doesn't like her. He's about to marry her.

    Just as an added note, for what its worth, I think its funny that the girl in this thread thinks he's not interested but the guys do. Again what that really tells me is that I'm right in my assumption that many girls gauge their relationships health/status by their partners texting habits and at the same time are normally disappointing since they assume his habits will be similar to hers (they rarely are).


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  • 1. My mom and I

    2. I think you may not be telling the truth.

    3. You flirt. Unknowingly.

    4. You can't help it.

    5. So you like the Shop Keeper?

    6. That's pretty easy pickings.

    7. With Mom, too.

    8. Good for you.

    9. Wow, you stopped texting for 2 days!

    10. Wow, and entire week!

    11. You never will date if you keep this up.

  • He does work in sales.

  • He's really interested. It must be that your conversations on phone go bad, or he's just busy.

  • If he isn't trying to impress you and be thoughtful forget about will only get worse from there.

  • If you can have sex, he's interested.


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  • he doesn't seem so interested.