Should I be concerned if a guy I'm dating seriously is still talking to his ex

I've been dating a guy for about a month and it seems like we're kinda starting to get serious. The thing is, he still talks to his ex (they were together for several years). I think they talk/text almost daily. He claims they talk only sometimes, but I'm not so sure. Supposedly she's seeing someone else and sometimes when I hang out with my guy, he talks about her sometimes (i.e. where they've been to, how the relationship went sour). Should I be worried or concerned? Thanks.


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  • I would be concerned. He seems to be fixated on his ex and living in the past a little. Might make it hard for him to commit fully to a new relationship. Texting an ex-gf daily is not normal and you're justified to be bothered by it. This fixation may wear off in time but if it doesn't you should ask him what the deal is.

  • You should be concerned.


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