How do I get something going that's started too slowly?

So I've known this guy for almost two years now and fall semester this year he showed a little interest in me. He and I have both texted each other throughout the year - him asking me to go to parties with him or hangout or something. The problem is I was always either legitimately busy or things just didn't work out to meet. Now it's half way through spring semester and he hasn't texted me in a few weeks but I really want to pick things up with him. I'm not looking for anything serious but I do want to hang out and go to parties together and stuff... should I text him sometime or wait for him to text me again? What should I say?


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  • Hi yes I would get in touch with this guy, as he is always kind enough to invite you to different things over the past two years, so maybe, as you always seemed busy, he thought he would wait until you were free to meet up with him, so yes let the guy know you would like to meet up, for whatever you would both be happy doing, and take it in your stride if you don't want anything too serious,

    good luck,




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  • Grow a pair and just call him


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  • get coffee together! text him to go sometime if he has time! if he's still intersted he'll reply! but don't leave him hanging, tell him tagt you would love to do more as friends! otherwise if you play with him he might give up on you!