I like him, but I am confused - help?

So this guy has asked me to go places with his family a few times, and more recently he has asked me to "hang out" alone with him. He recently asked to go on our fourth "date", but he never calls them dates, just says something along the lines of "do you want to do something next week." However,... Show More

And I have not had been in a relationship before or anything like that, so I have no experience with guys haha. We're both in college.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It sounds like he likes you! Usually I won't introduce a girl let alone take her somewhere with my family unless I like her! Shy guys like him enjoy doing things with you and have such a great respect for you they will not make the next step forward of being more than friends until you do! lol this sounds like so many friends of mine and because the dudes were too shy to go further into the relationship it ended... So make a move ;) even if it physical contact feels awkward he problem enjoys it.