Should I say I love you yet?

My best guy friend and I started dating three weeks ago. Previous to our dating we said "I love you" a lot, in general. Maybe not just saying it out of context, but saying stuff like "that's why I love you" and such. We started dating even though he's leaving for his mission in three more weeks, and we won't be able to date. I really love him, in more than just the friend way. I don't know if saying it will just make it harder when he leaves, or what. I want to say it so badly, but I don't want to rush it either.. On the other hand I want to say it before he leaves, because I do want him to know. Help?!

So tonight it happened :) he asked me what was on my mind and although I told him some, he knew there was more. Eventually he said, "is it something you don't want to say first?" and he told me he loves me. I'm on top of the world :)


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  • Simply pour your feelings to him hen he's going to leave. It might be that he will never come back, so better tell it now or you'll regret it forever.


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  • Yay! So happy for you! :)))

  • Tell him before he leaves! :)