My girlfriend stresses me out sometimes what do I do?

Me and my girfriends relationship isn't exactly perfect. It seems every couple weeks its a problem either her self esteem and makes her wanna break up but never does always sees how dumb it is. So anyway we've broken up once in the past her memory suck she doesn't even remember. But the real problem is she left school to visit her parents over the weekend. So I knew she was there and text her like I usally do when she goes to visit. She had something to do each time I text her she would say I gotta do etc ttyl. She never text back and It was super late and I text her I was going to bed.She was awake said why and said you never text me back thought you were sleep and it late she said I Haven't talked to you much but OK talk to you tomorrow. So I text her the next morning said the same thing and I ended up texting her a random letter because my phone was in my pocket. She said hey but probably wouldve never text me back if that didn't happen she talked a little then called. I answered we talked a little said I was acting weird told her I was sick which I was. She called back later and asked did I wanna Skype I missed her text message saying the same thing. We ended up skyping still said I was acting wierd. So we ended up talking and things got sexual a little and then I didn't say anything after and she got awkward asked me do you want to break up?. I asked where did it come from said never mind its nothing. Asked was she OK got same answer started getting irritated with me.Said I was acting distant and weird and didn't say loved her like I usally do. She then said she was tired putting her head down on her bed ignoring me. She kept looking up at me saw my face guess I looked sad which I was and confused. She said sorry was cranky and tired don't worry not mad me just really tired and told me how much she's happy and loves me and happy I'm in her life for like 5 mins. In the past he doesn't think straight when she's tired. She drove back to school today and hopefully she meant what she said about everything being OK. Myy friend says I should break up with her but I love her a lot and don't know what to do with these situations.I text her apology about how things went yesterday and we should talk about these things before they get serious abd told her I lover etc I know she will answer just don't know how she will act abiut it didn't necearilly want ti bring it up but its not like she wouldve forgot. I just want things to get better maybe cause she's on her period this time idk. what should I do since this keeps happening


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  • If this keeps happening, then she's not just stressing you out because she's on her period. When in doubt, move on.

  • she is too much heart break, I think you should move on..


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